I was born on 07th of February 1986 in Switzerland. Quite fast I got a increasing interest
for technics and science. Those choices were totally reflected in my high school orientation, where
I choose the Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as options.

I went then to the EPFL, which is the University for Technics Subjects, where I choose to study Chemistry once more.

I then changed my orientation towards Aviation in 2008 and decided to start with my FAA licenses in Daytona,
Florida, where I completed eveything in about 5 Months. I then came back to Europa to start
my conversion to the Swiss JAR Licenses, which took me about 9 more months




I started to work as a commercial pilot in december 2009 for a corporate company.
We were providing VIP transportation throughout Europa and North Africa.

I Initially flew on a Piper Cheyenne (PA32), then successfully on a Piaggio Avanti (P180) and
a Cessna Citation CJ1-3 (C525).

I m presently flying a Global Vision 6000 based in Asia since 2014








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